Health, Safety & Environment


Crimson Oil Tools is devoted to preventing accidental loss of our resources, including employees, physical assets and respective standing in our community.

Management will give and keep up a protected and sound work environment as per industry models, administrative prerequisites and will strive to dispose of any predictable peril which may bring about property harm, mishaps or individual damage or ailment.

Crimson Oil Tools is focused on ensuring its workers as plot in Health and Safety Manual.

All workers, builders and subcontractors will be just as answerable for minimizing mischances inside our offices. Safe work practices and methodology will be unmistakably characterized in the Safety Manual for all representatives to take after.


Crimson Oil Tools obliges that all laborers be included in controlling unintentional misfortune. This incorporates supervisors, representatives, chiefs and sub-builders. Security is everybody's obligation.

All administration capacities will agree to authoritative wellbeing prerequisites as they identifywith arranging, operations and support of offices and supplies. All workers will perform their employments appropriately as per made methods and safe work rehearses.


Crimson Oil Tools accepts that wellbeing is handled by duty and commitment by all included.